Straight Road Forms

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Fast-Form patented Straight Road Forms, which are 2,400mm long and come in various depths from 100-200mm, are used for slab pours and road edges. Our Road Forms are the strongest on the market and won’t bend, buckle or warp, making them a great long-term investment. Our Straight Road Forms will stack on top of each other to give various heights, meaning you can have sizes from 100mm up in 50mm increments. Available in either galvanised or mild steel finishes.

Optional Corner Accessories and Infill Panels sold separately.

Finish Size Qty. 1-49 Qty. 50+
Mild Steel 100mm x 2440mm Please contact us for latest prices. [email protected] £0.00 + VAT
Mild Steel 150mm x 2440mm £0.00 + VAT £0.00 + VAT
Mild Steel 200mm x 2440mm £0.00 + VAT £0.00 + VAT
Mild Steel 250mm x 2440mm £0.00 + VAT £0.00 + VAT
Mild Steel 300mm x 2440mm £0.00 + VAT £0.00 + VAT
Galvanised 100mm x 2440mm £0.00 + VAT £0.00 + VAT
Galvanised 150mm x 2440mm £0.00+ VAT £0.00 + VAT
Galvanised 200mm x 2440mm £0.00 + VAT £0.00 + VAT
Galvanised 250mm x 2440mm £0.00 + VAT £0.00 + VAT
Galvanised 300mm x 2440mm £0.00 + VAT £0.00 + VAT


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100mm x 2440mm, 150mm x 2440mm, 200mm x 2440mm, 250mm x 2440mm, 300mm x 2440mm


Mild Steel, Galvanised


Incorporates two wedges per pin brace allowing for heavy screed rails with no movement.

No slides to join the road form. Bolt together, so no movement at joints.

Can take 16mm to 25mm Road Pins.

Fix plywood to the face for a fair face finish or to extend the height.

2 reviews for Straight Road Forms

  1. UnibuildBuildingContractorsLtd

    We have used the Fast-Form bracket and wall systems for years and didn’t realise they also did road forms. Well now we do, what a difference they are to standard road forms, they arrive straight, they are not rusty and are so strong, the way they hold at joints and hold their level is unbelievable.

    We rented some first and they come galvanised so they don’t rust, when buying you have the choice of standard or galvanised.

    It’s the best road form on the market by a long way, years ahead of the bent old rusty rubbish everyone else rents out or sells, so good in fact we bought some, you can see they will last for years and not just one job.

    If we run short we just rent a few extra, if you’re not sure just rent them first like we did, if you use them regular they are well worth buying.

    You can even stack them, we had 150s but needed to do a 300mm section and just bolted them together it such a clever feature as is the fact they have corners and a clever infil accessory that means you can pour the exact shape of the slab without flying past the pour.

    Fast-Form are a great company, so knowledgeable and a great range of formwork for every application, they deliver exactly when they say they will and their customer service is fantastic.

    Mick Genney
    Unibuild Building Contractors Ltd

  2. BalfourBeatty

    Having first used road forms over 20 years ago, I genuinely never realised how bad they were. All sorts of shapes, states and sizes with no alternative.

    Spoke with Kiel at Fast-Form, within a day we had some dropped off in the middle of Norfolk for a trial. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

    They are fantastic, without doubt the best seen. The lads have it easy nowadays!

    Thanks for the ongoing service. Cheers.

    Jonny Kerr
    General Foreman, Balfour Beatty

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